As a Law Enforcement Officer and concealed carry enthusiast, I have struggled to find quality and affordable holsters to outfit my growing collection of firearms and to accommodate various methods of carrying each firearm. This is how TriStar Holsters was formed. I am dedicated to providing superior, functional and affordable firearm carrying solutions for every level of gun owner, whether Law Enforcement, Military, or civilian. Each holster is handmade to perfection and requires delicate attention. I specialize in standard inside the waistband (small of back/kidney carry or appendix carry) holsters as well as outside the waistband paddle holsters. All items feature adjustable retention to ensure a proper and safe fit. All holsters utilize .080 thickness Kydex as well as sturdy, metal fasteners and plastic belt clips. As materials become available, more holsters varying in firearm make, model and color will be added. All Military, Fire, Police, EMS and 911 Dispatch personnel receive 10% off. Please message me for the coupon code. Thank you for checking us out and we look forward to doing business with you!