Glock 34/35

Glock 34/35

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OD Green
Brown Faux Leather
Black Carbon Fiber
OD Carbon Fiber
Blue Carbon Fiber
Mounting System

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The Standard IWB Belt clip is the most common and most economical belt attachment system. Although not as secure as the soft belt loops, the belt clip is sturdy and is the best choice for versatility, allowing you to easily remove or reposition your holster. The belt clip accommodates normal belt thicknesses of 1.5” and features adjustable cant (just slightly unscrew, move to desired angle and re secure).

The Soft Belt Loops are the most secure option for concealed carrying a firearm and are extremely versatile. They can either be snapped on easily while your belt is on, or looped through for your desired position of carry. The loops are adjustable to different belt sizes and be canted to any degree.

G Code Paddle Attachment. Fits various sizes belts and perfect for users who want to be able to easily remove their holster without removing their belt. The paddle goes inside the pants and over the belt. The paddle also allows the holster to sit much closer to the body for better concealment but is not as secure as a Blade Tech ASR.

Blade Tech Adjustable Stingray (ASR) Belt Loop Attachment. Uses an adjustable shim to accommodate various belt widths. Perfect for users who require security over versatility.